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Cookie policy for websites on ucraft



We are developing a website using ucraft. In order to comply with EU regulations, we have to display a cookie banner. Since we are running the site on ucraft, we have to include a link to it's cookie policy. Could you please provide us with such a link, or could we just use the one referring to the default cookie policy of ucraft- Thanks in advance.



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  • Hey Geri ! Thank you for submitting to Ucraft Forum!

    To add a cookie bar to your website you just need to sign up to one of these sites:

    And after just inject the HTML code, you got there, to your Ucraft website through Custom HTML element or Code injection in Site Settings APP.

    Feel free to contact us via the live chat in case of further questions!

  • Hello and thanks for the fast reply :)

    We have already injected the HTML code for the banner, but the seem to have better solutions, and I will look in to them- thanks.


    My question was rather- where to find the cookie policy of ucraft's platform in order to include the link in the cookie banner.



  • Each website created on Ucarft has its own Cookie Policy page. Simply open Pages App on Dashboard > System pages and you'll see the Cookie Policy page. Click go and add the content. :) 

    Once you've finished editing you can use its link to include in your banner.

  • Thanks for the info, I wasn't aware of the system pages but will make use of them :)

    But I was rather asking about the content of the cookie policy page. Surely, we will provide the needed content concerning the policy of the shop, etc., but since the shop will be running on the ucraft platform- we don't know what kind of cookies and how ucraft uses them. That's why we need to include a link to the cookie policy of the ucraft platform.

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