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ABUSE - How to report phishing or spam sites hosted by Ucraft? has no method of reporting phishing or spam websites. I had to create an account just to post this question. You are offering free websites, which WILL be abused by malicious actors, but make it difficult to report abuse!

How are third parties supposed to report abuse for site take downs?

Why is there no method to report abuse directly on a Ucraft hosted website?

Why is there no method to report abuse from

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  • Hey there, Abe!
    Thanks for the important note.  At the moment, we do not have a report function on the phishing site itself, but you can always contact and report the website via live chat on

  • Thank you for the response. We have already had an attacker use your service in an attempt to spear phish our users. You can view the site for yourself here: sitename: lightnupfl. I would recommend that you take that site down immediately.

    Unfortunately, your service is too likely to be abused in the future so we have blocked our users from browsing both and If we continue to receive attempts to phish our users from Ucraft hosted sites, we will begin filing abuse complaints with your upstream provider Cloudflare.

    • Abe Froman The website has been taken down. Thank you for letting us know! In these kinds of scenarios, where it is impossible for us to detect any abuse (because obviously there is nothing wrong with that website, it is simply linking to another website outside of our domain), we strongly rely on your reporting!

      We are currently launching a portal where you can easily report harmful websites to us and our Security team will react momentarily! 

      Thank you for your patience!


  • great and productive discussion for me. facing a same problem but i have found a solution.

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  • Hello everyone 👋

    we now have a way to report a website. You can find a ‘Report website’ link on every ‘powered by Ucraft’ watermark to report a website! Alternatively, you may visit the new section here: to read about the Abuse Policy and to report a website!

    Thank you!

    • Gev Balyan Thank You.🙂

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