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Burger menu not clickable.

I had the navigation menu setup to be in standard mode. Then when a user on desktop shrinks the browser window to a smaller size the site switches to the burger menu but the burger button does nothing when clicked making navigation impossible, tested on chrome and firefox on windows as well as safari on mac.

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  • Hello👋Thank you for reaching out! Would you mind if we ask for the URL of your Website, so that we can check that on your Website?

    That'd be much appreciated. 😍

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    • ElitOnTheRocks Thank you! The thing is that that is how the Burger Menu works in this case.

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  • So you're saying that if a user decides to use a small browser window, they don't get to use any navigation, or I'm forced to use only burger menu? Seems that makes standard navigation unusable in its current state. Unless there's an option to turn the burger menu off entirely that I over looked? I appreciate the quick response and hope that the issue gets addressed in future versions.

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    • ElitOnTheRocks Yes, the burger menu is supposed to be that way. When your tab is minimized, your navigation bar is switched to burger menu and it isn't supposed to open. The reason for this is to better the performance of your site and not cause it to be slowed down or altered too much. 

      Something I can suggest is changing the visibility of your Pages Element to Desktop Only. This way, when your tab is minimized, the Burger Menu won't show up at all. However, keep in mind that if you do so, the Burger Menu won't be visible on Mobile or Tablet devices either. 

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    • support I never said anything about minimized. This is happening when the width of the browser window is resized to be somewhat small. I tired switching the navigation to desktop only and it still switches to a burger menu when the browser window is resized to small width. I also have noticed when I choose to preview the site from the builder it works as expected normal navigation words when it has large width, then burger menu when the browser width is shrunk and the burger menu is clickable/functional. This is while previewing the desktop version. This seems like a bug, if it isn't, I would at the least suggest it be a feature that gets added to allow navigation no matter what size browser window the user wants to use.

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