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Article customisation

How can we customise the article view

I don't want it to be the default cream yellow colour

I don't want the titles to be all uppercase.


I also encountered a bug where 4 duplicated of my article was created randomly. 

I also need help with google analytics set up, I'm trying to setup both GA4 and UA but it is only allowing for one. I added in site settings code injection but it is not firing. 

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  • Hi Sally , thank you for submitting to our Ucraft Forum! 🤗

    It looks like our assistants took care of your inquiries via live chat, and we haven't heard from you in a while. Is there anything else we can help you with? 

  • Since there are several comments for this post, here is how you customize the article view through the Articles Element;

    Click on the Articles Element in your design mode to access Article Settings. You'll find loads of options available here that can be used to customize the article's view. First, choose whether you want to go with a Standard or Masonry Layout from the Layouts section.

    When choosing a Masonry Layout, you'll notice a light cream background for your article's grid, which is a default setting. However, you can drag any color you want from the Left Tool Panel's Colors section and drop it on the article area. This option will allow you to change the overall background color for Standard and Masonry Layouts.

    As for other Style Settings, you can access them by clicking the Edit Style button.


    Regarding the uppercase titles, it is also a default setting that comes with the Masonry Layout, and there isn't a way of changing it yet. If you want your titles to be previewed in the Title Case, simply choose the Standard Layout.

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