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Custom Domain won't connect!

l recently made a custom domain with I then tried to connect my domain to my ucraft website by adding the records given to me onto my domain but it just won't work. l'am new to all of this and need assistance. Thank you in advance!

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  • Hi Shammah!

    You need to add the A type DNS Records generated for you to your DNS Management Zone on Freenom.. 

    1. Host: @
    2. Host: www

    After you do that, it will take up to 72 hours (usually a few minutes) to propagate the DNS records and your domain should be connected,

    Also, can you please send us the domain that you are trying to connect so that we can check the DNS records?

      1. Go to Settings.
      2. Click Custom domains.
      3. Click Start setup.
      4. Select an option below and follow the additional steps.

      Note: You can connect up to five custom domains to one site. It may take up to 48 hours for changes to your domain to become visible on the Internet.  

  • Sorry but your solution doesn't work. Freenom will not accept wildcards. "@" doesn't work. What's the alternative?

    • Rowena Pereda-Pacheco Hi! If the domain registrar doesn't accept '@', you can

      1. leave the field empty
      2. type in * instead of @
      3. write down your domain name without the www
      4. contact the domain provider and ask them to manually add the record

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