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What about Headers in vertical alignment?

Hey Ucrafters, 👋


I'd like my Ucraft website to have a vertical header, preferably in the left corner of the screen, like the one in the image below. Is it possible to have it in the near future? 


Thanks in advance! 😇

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  • Hi Naz,

    That's an interesting use case. I have submitted this as a feature request for you. 

    While you can't do that, at present, I'd suggest to try this workaround (note, this method isn't UX/UI wise, but aesthetically will do👇:

    1. Add elements upside down.
    2. Change the layout setting of your Navigation bar from Horizontal to Vertical.
    3. Next, set the Header background color to transparent from Background Settings.
    4. And finally, enable the 'Fix Header' option from Header Settings → Header Position. The latter one, will give sticky navigation bar effect on scroll. 


    📌P.S. You will surely be updated when your request is reviewed. Also, feel free to add additional details in the discussion section so our Product team knows how this feature would help you.

    Thanks again for the feedback and have an awesome Wednesday. 


  • Thanks for your request, Naz!
    I’m here to introduce you to Ucraft Next, our new-generation SaaS eCommerce solution that enables you to build and launch your website or online store quickly and easily.You’ll definitely find the option to set a vertical alignment for the header along with other advanced features on our new platform, so make sure to sign up here(link) and receive three free months (worth $144) to play with the platform and give us your feedback.

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    • missadrika
    • 10 mths ago
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    Creating a vertical header in Ucraft typically requires custom CSS and HTML coding. (I apply same on one of my project you can check here.)

    This feature may not be readily available in the platform's standard settings.

    By accessing the CSS editor, you can style the vertical header's appearance, position, and behavior.

    Additionally, you may need to modify the HTML structure to accommodate the new header design.

    Ensure that your vertical header is responsive for various screen sizes and thoroughly test its functionality.

    Don't forget to back up your website and reach out to Ucraft support or community forums for specific guidance, as custom coding can impact existing styles and settings. 

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