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Renew domain with Namecheap

I keep getting domain renewal emails from Namecheap.  I an not able to renew the domain through them because I received the domain through ucraft.  Does the domain renew through ucraft?  If not, how do I renew it?

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  • Hi there Robin Ciochetty , thank you for submitting to our Ucraft Forum! 👋 

    To renew the Domain Package kindly navigate to your Account Settings > Subscriptions, find the domain subscription and click Renew.

    Feel free to contact us via the 24/7 Live Chat in case of any other questions. We’ll be willing to assist! 

    • support Thank you. 

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      • dil shah
      • dil_shah
      • 9 mths ago
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      support As the expiration date approaches, the Domain Registry marks domain names as expired. A redirection will then take place using Namecheap parking name servers after this has been completed. It will no longer be possible to access the respective website or its mail service after that has been done.

      • bela noor
      • bela_noor
      • 8 mths ago
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      support The Space Bundle can be recharged by exploring to your Record Memberships, tracking down the area membership and clicking Restore.

  •   Domain names are marked as expired by the Domain Registry at the time the expiration date first begins to approach. After that has been done, the domain name will then be redirected to Namecheap parking name servers for the purpose of redirection. After that has been done, the respective website and its mail service will no longer be accessible.

    1. Log In to Account. Sign in to your Namecheap Account Panel and go to the 'Expiring/Expired section'.
    2. Select Domains. Click the checkboxes of the domains you wish to renew and click the 'Add Selected' button. 
    3. Review Order. 
    4. Confirm and Finish.
  • The Domain Package can be renewed by navigating to your Account Settings > Subscriptions, finding the domain subscription and clicking Renew.

    If you have any other questions, please feel free to get in touch with us via the 24/7 Live Chat facility. Please feel free to get in touch with us if you need any assistance. 

  • I continue to get area restoration messages from Namecheap. I a not ready to reestablish the area through them since I got the space through ucraft. Does the area restore through ucraft? If not, how would I reestablish it?

  • I continue to get area reestablishment messages from Namecheap. I a not ready to reestablish the area through them since I got the space through ucraft. Does the space reestablish through ucraft? If not, how would I restore it?

  • The space name will then, at that point, be diverted to Namecheap stopping name servers with the end goal of redirection. After that has been finished, the separate site and its mail administration will at this point not be open.

  • It's important to renew your domain before it expires to prevent any disruption in your website or online services associated with the domain. If you have any difficulties or further questions about the renewal process, don't hesitate to reach out to ucraft's support team for assistance.

  • Typically, when you register a domain through a specific platform or provider, that provider becomes the registrar for your domain. They are responsible for managing the domain registration and renewal. In this case, Ucraft should provide you with the necessary instructions and steps to renew your domain. 

  • Thank you

  • ucraft may require you to verify your ownership of the domain in order to process the renewal. They may ask for certain details or documentation to confirm your identity and rights to the domain.

  • Yes, renewing your domain through ucraft is the proper method since that's where you obtained it. It's like updating an app; for example, if you're using ThopTV APK and want to keep enjoying the content, you might need to download updates from time to time, but always through legitimate means. Similarly, for your domain, consult ucraft's support or follow their domain renewal procedures to ensure a seamless continuation of your service.

  • To renew your domain with Namecheap, log in to your account, navigate to the domain management section, locate the domain you wish to renew, and follow the prompts to initiate the renewal process. Review your domain settings and payment information before confirming the renewal. Namecheap usually sends reminders before your domain expires, ensuring a smooth renewal process.

  • I am getting the same emails and I will renew in the account settings of Ucraft there you will see an option to renew..

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