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Anybody have issues with the footers?

Hi guys, anybody has issues with the footers? When will be drag on the draft site are corrupted, as many already pre-settings are completely broken.

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  • i dont really understand the way you've explained this but from the context of the issue i think is that sometimes dragging items in the header and footer sections accidentilly will appear on every page on your website, you'll need to drag items that you don't desire there out of the header/footer sections back to the main part of the page...if this is not your issue, sorry as im confused by what you're encountering

  • Hi there  Gabryo  , thank you for submitting to our Ucraft Forum! 馃

    Can I ask you to elaborate on the issues you encounter when customising the footer?

    Don't hesitate to contact us via 24/7 live chat so that we can better assist you. 

  • Verdira Chanvre and support  when drag elements in the footer is quiet problematic and need always the helping of the support ( for example when want put a text of copyright or social media logos ). I think there something to fix for give the freedom to dispose pages, elements, widgets, etc autonomally.

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  • The element placing in the footer area is similar to any other block in the builder; if you're having troubles aligning elements there, try expanding the block by the controllers, adding your elements and then adjust it back to your desired size.

    If you can elaborate on the issue you're facing with a screen recording, we will make sure to look into it. You can send it over via live chat, so one of our assistants can look into it and report to the tech team if needed.

  • Hello! I had some problems with this.

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