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A menu bar for "Subpages" !!!

Hi Ucraft, first I have to tell you that I have tried 5 different similar platforms with the trial periods, and creating a homepage and some subpages etc... and is convinced by on-the-ground experience that Ucraft is the best in terms of "design" tools.. However, as I am trying "very" hard to build one website that hopefully Ucraft team will be proud of, I also ask too many questions since more than a month already.. And have my answers always rapidly !! Great support.. However, today I have a first time feature request to make, as I could not apply what I imagined..  (possible with anchors... but I want to be better than that..)

As you can see on this page's example, I want to have a second menu-bar for the "subpages", as my client click on the main button on the HP and arrives in the HP of the section, as an example "INVESTORS"..

I target by this, to have more space on the page (by avoiding a list of buttons on the left of the page, to reduce the scrolling obligation to a minimum , and finally, to let my client see all the time where she/he is in my website, exactly, at anytime, and at any point, any subpage...)

I know you can respond this, better than the example I give above (since on that example, that 2nd menu-bar is not fixed and doesn't let the internaute see where he/she is, once he/she scrolls down a bit...)

Trust that I will hear from you real soon..

Best regards for all the designer/support teams..

Fuat FIRAT, COO, FIRALIS GROUP SA, +33 678 378 791

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  • Hi Fuat, thank you for submitting to our Feature Requests! 

    We will include the underlined option for the selected page in our upcoming updates. 馃槈

    Meanwhile, you can add a second Pages Element to your Main Block to have the Subpages and Main pages separated.

    Let us know if we can be any more of a help!

  • Hi, if I could manage this second layer of menus on top, corresponding to the sub-pages, as in the example I provided in my query, would be already EXCELLENT & GREAT!!! Nothing to add :) Thanx for the rapid feedback and integration in the agenda of next update.. (which I could expect like when?? if I amy ask.. :))

  • Thanks for your request, Fuat!
    I鈥檓 here to introduce you to Ucraft Next, our new-generation SaaS eCommerce solution that enables you to build and launch your website or online store quickly and easily.You鈥檒l definitely find the functionality of adding subpages to the menu bar along with other advanced features on our new platform, so make sure to sign up here and receive three free months (worth $144) to play with the platform and give us your feedback.

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