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How to add a calculator widget to the site?

Hi! Is it possible to place on sites Ucraft calculator widget from and any other similar interactive widgets? Is it possible to insert the code on the site and is there any special instruction for this? Thank!

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  • Hi Mark,

    You can use the Custom HTML element described here:

    * please note that the element is available on the paid plan!

    Hope this helps,


  • Open your web page in the Google Sites editor. Put the insertion point where you want the calculator to appear and click on Insert > More gadgets… Search for “include iframe”. Click on the Include gadget (iframe) in the list.

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    To add a calculator widget to a website, you can follow these steps:

    1. Choose a calculator widget tool or plugin that fits your website's design and functionality.

    2. Integrate the calculator widget code into your website's HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. You can do this by copying the code provided by the calculator widget tool and pasting it into the appropriate section of your website's code.

    3. Customize the calculator widget to match the design of your website. You can change the size, color, font, and other styles of the calculator to make it look seamless on your website.

    4. Test the calculator widget to ensure it is functioning correctly and providing accurate calculations.

    Note: The exact steps for adding a calculator widget will depend on the tool or plugin you choose and the platform you are using for your website.

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  • To add a calculator widget to your website, you have a few options:

    1. Use a pre-built calculator widget: Many websites offer pre-built calculator widgets that you can easily embed on your site. These widgets are usually customizable and can perform various calculations. To find a suitable calculator widget, you can search online for "website calculator widget" or explore widget libraries that provide ready-to-use calculator widgets. Once you find a widget you like, follow the provided instructions for embedding it into your website.

    2. Utilize JavaScript or HTML/CSS: If you have coding knowledge or access to a developer, you can create a custom calculator widget using JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. This method gives you more control over the design and functionality of the calculator. You can write the necessary code to handle the calculations, create a user interface for input and display, and style it using CSS. Once you have the code ready, you can insert it into your website's HTML file or use a script tag to include an external JavaScript file.

    3. Integrate third-party calculator APIs: Some platforms offer calculator APIs that allow you to integrate calculator functionality directly into your website. These APIs provide a range of mathematical operations and formulas that you can use to build your custom calculator. You'll need to sign up for the API, obtain an API key, and then make API calls to perform calculations. The specific integration process will depend on the API you choose and the documentation provided by the provider.

  • <h1>hello</h1>

  • To add a calculator widget to a website, you can typically do the following:

    Choose a calculator widget: Select a suitable calculator widget or plugin that fits your needs, whether it's for basic arithmetic, mortgage calculations, or any specific purpose.

    Embed code: Once you've chosen a widget, follow the provided instructions to generate an embed code or script. This code usually includes HTML and may also include JavaScript.

    Paste code into your website: Access your website's content management system or HTML editor, and paste the provided code into the desired page or location on your site.

    Test and customize: After adding the code, test the calculator widget to ensure it functions as expected. Depending on the widget, you may have options to customize its appearance and behavior.

    Save and publish: Save your changes, and then publish or update your website to make the calculator widget live.

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