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Release Note: New features and updates📢

I know, I know, we haven’t been around for a while⌛but the good news is that we're back now and better than ever due to our new and exciting features and functionalities that will make your overall crafting experience flawless and unforgettable.

In this release, we will mainly focus on the new features ⚙️ and latest updates, enhancements of existing features, and overall improvements that have been released for the platform.

Scroll down to take a tour through these important changes ⬇️ 

What’s inside:

  • Design mode language

  • Wording changes on the Checkout page

  • Title and Paragraph Elements Improvement

  • Change Payment Currency in the Account Settings

  • Age restriction feature added in User Account Element

Open up your world to multilingual Design mode

Some of you have been specifically waiting for this release, so here we are to let you know that our builder has been successfully translated into Chinese and Japanese.

To switch the language of your builder to one of these languages, simply navigate to the Design mode of your website → find and click on the Site Settings App 🛠️ →  scroll down to find the Edit Mode Language label, and choose one of the available languages from the dropdown menu.




Change the wording in your store checkout page

This was probably one of the most requested features. Now you can change and modify the text on the checkout page of your store. For example, you can rename the “Continue shopping” 🛒 text that appears on the checkout page to “Back to store”. To edit the text, go ahead and use the Store Label Editor in your Store adminSettingsEdit Store Labels.

Use the search bar to find the necessary label and enter your custom value to the corresponding field. The changes will be saved automatically. You can bring the default value back by clicking on “Revert”.






*You can also hide some wording by simply removing it from the value field.

**The Store Label editor is available for Pro Shop and Unlimited plan subscribers.

*** To use the Store Label Editor in a multilingual mode, please contact us and we will enable it for you.

Change the default wording and the translations for your website

In case the default wording seems a bit out of context for you, you can easily change it. For example, if you want to change the “Related Products” to “You may also like” or you want to change the “Sale” badge to “Deal”, simply navigate to the Dashboard Languages AppTranslation section → search for the label that you want to change → click on the “Pencil” ✏️ icon to edit it. 




*You can edit the same wording for the second/third languages by simply choosing the needed language from the language switch at the top right corner. 

Choose the default currency for your payments

You can now choose the currency for your subscription payment among the available three options. Simply navigate to Account Settings →  Profile → find the “Default currency” label and choose one of the options from the dropdown menu.




Updates in User Account element

You now have the option of enabling age restriction functionality for your customers who want to sign up to your website through the User Account element. Simply click on the User Account element→ Edit SettingsForm SettingsRegistration Fields → find the Birth Date field and set it up accordingly. Don’t forget to hit the “Save” button. Here you can state an age limit 🔞 and visitors under the limit will not be able to fill in the registration form as the calendar will not be responsive for them. 

This is how the set up should look like 👇




And this is how the registration filed will actually look like 👇




A better Text Editor experience

Not one, but two new updates for our Text Editor!

  • Previously there has been an issue of conflict between the external and internal formatting in case the text material had been copied from an external source. To prevent that, a new Clear Formatting functionality has been added to our on-site text editor. You can now paste your desired text, select it, and click on the "Tx" icon. Then you can apply to the text any internal formatting without any difficulties 💃



  • A capitalization function has been added to the Text Editor.



Go ahead and share your hints and tips with other Ucraft community members here💡

We know it’s been a hectic year, so we are doing our best to provide useful new features that will brighten ☀️ your day.
Ucraft has even more new and amazing tools and features coming your way, so make sure to stay tuned ✌🏼

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