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July Roundup: Articles App Updates, Core Web Vitals, Bug Fixes & More

Good to see you again; it’s been a while. The Ucraft team is back with a list of improvements, updates, and bug fixes that we’ve been working on for the past couple of months. Without further ado, let’s delve into the news.


  • New Features
  • Improvements 
  • Core Web Vitals 
  • Partner News
  • Bug Fixes 🐞🐛



Tax-Inclusive Prices in eCommerce App

🧮 Ucraft users now have the opportunity to switch to Tax-Inclusive prices. Switch your store settings to “enter prices with taxes” and provide your customers with more transparency. Also, you can now generate legally compliant tax invoices for your store and use these documents for reporting purposes (or otherwise).




Naming Function in Custom HTML Element

🏷 A new naming function has been added to the Custom HTML Element, allowing users to label any custom codes inserted into the builder (e.g., tracking codes, widgets, custom buttons, etc.). A handy function for users who insert several custom codes. 




New Discord Icon in Follow Us Element

👥 Discord has been added to the Follow Us Element․ If you have a Discord account, make sure to connect it and share this social platform with your users.


Image Resizing Option in Paragraph Element and Articles App

↕️ A resizing function has been added to images added through the Paragraph Element or inside the Articles App. This allows for more design freedom since images can easily be resized using the corner pointers without changing the size of the whole text.



New Justify and Font Weight Plugings in Text Editors 

A Justify plugin has been integrated into the Articles App and text editors. Users now have the option to center-align a piece of text by selecting it and clicking on the center alignment icon highlighted. A Font Weight plugin has also been added, allowing users to easily change the weight (or boldness) of a specific text chunk by selecting it and clicking on the Font Weight icon.





  • The default language of newly created websites is changed according to the language set during the registration process;

  • The ‘+’ symbol is can now be entered in all email fields

  • If there are no articles added, the /articles alias redirects to a 404 page;

  • [Ecommerce]: Order confirmation emails contain links to related products.

  • Unnecessary texts have been removed from single eCommerce products.

  • Pop-Ups App layout has been updated, and the triggering rules have been improved for a better user experience.

  • The Webhook system has been implemented for improved backend performance.


📊 To ensure faster website rendering performance, optimizations have been carried out for the following components:

  • Pop-ups

  • Video Element cover images/thumbnails

  • Article images

  • Youtube JS files

  • eCommerce elements


Core Web Vitals:

  • We have implemented some important Google recommendations regarding the Core Web Vitals. This includes improvements on the “Largest Contentful Paint” known as LCP: images now load with lazy loading.

  • Likewise, the height and width of images are fixed during the loading process to improve CLS

  • The Video Element has been optimized and also loads with lazy loading.

  • Pop-ups on Ucraft websites have now been optimized to load using lazy loading. This is helpful in further improving website performance and page load speed.


Partner News:

  • Fixes for the error when a user has no access and attempts to go directly to a page (;

  • The Bulgarian language has been updated for all partner websites;

  • Users need to log in once they have been logged out;

  • Redirections to some domains that are not whitelisted are restricted for security issues;

  • Improvements on the text alignment of the “Powered by” badge.

  • Pricing elements have been optimized for faster website rendering performance.


Bug Fixes:

  • Heading pages no longer have an error icon in the SEO App;

  • The first level of the Category Element in a Menu layout works as intended;

  • Checkboxes and radio buttons in the Form Element are separated in emails

  • The error message for the “Password” and “Confirm Password” fields is displayed correctly;

  • An error message pops up, warning to make payments when accessing the Design Mode;

  • Margin controllers are no longer visible as the permissions are unchecked;

  • Background image for pop-ups is removed instantly;

  • UI fixes for the Media App;

  • The alignment issue of subpages is fixed;

  • The preview while saving blocks works properly;

  • The subpages of the Heading page types have correct URLs;

  • Searching images in the Free stock obtains accurate results;

  • The Divider Element takes on its assigned color;

  • The loading issue of the Free stock in the Media App is fixed;

  • The Follow Us Element does not inherit shadows assigned in the Designer Tools;

  • The Articles App now loads over 20 articles at once;

  • Deleted pages do not appear in the Pages App;

  • Users get redirected to the Subscription section if their domain is not connected to their website;

  • The UI issue of the Countdown Element is fixed;

  • The UI issue when searching for images in the Media App is fixed;

  • The unnecessary scroll while editing the Title Element on the mobile version is fixed;

  • The dropdown menu styles of subpages are now correctly shown in the Burger Menu when the layout is horizontal;

  • Forms submitted in pop-ups now work correctly;

  • Videos added to articles load instantly and have the correct height dimensions;

  • When changing a domain to an incorrect link, a corresponding error message is displayed;

  • The sound played on the Video Element cuts off when the pop-up is closed (in Public mode);

  • Articles open correctly after searching via the Algolia Search Element.


That’s all for now. Stay tuned for more updates, improvements, new features, and bug fixes. ✨


Ucraft Team

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