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October Roundup: eCommerce App Updates, reCAPTCHA Integration, New Features, Bug Fixes & More

We’re back for the autumn holiday season with a new set of updates and improvements. Curious to see what’s in store this month? Find out below.

Feature Updates

📱We’ve updated our eCommerce Mobile App. Users will now be able to manage online stores more efficiently straight from mobile devices. Make changes on the go without having to access the desktop version every time.

New updates include:

  • Support for gift cards;

  • New appearance and feed settings;

  • The ability to search for product variations by UPC via scanner;

  • The option to show tips in an order's details;

  • The ability to change a storefront's language;

  • Delivery options for specific products;

  • The ability to offer related products;

  • The option to show (and support for) new order statuses.


  • 🛡 For spam avoidance purposes, we have integrated an invisible reCAPTCHA option into the Subscription Element. Particularly helpful for users adding forms to their websites, which are at risk of being spammed by bots. Simply activate the invisible reCAPTCHA option and protect your website from receiving spam subscriptions. 


  • 📧 When someone fills in a form on a Ucraft website, the user receives a notification email with a standardized subject line. Ucraft now gives users the option to provide custom subject lines for each form for better awareness of which form has been filled in upon receiving the email.


  • 📝 Users are now able to change the font size of titles and intro texts in the Articles and Related Articles Elements.


  • 🖋 Now you can also set a separate meta-title for each article.


  • 👩🏻‍💻 Recent updates also include the option of logging out of all sessions and devices instantly.





  • The TinyMCE plugin has been integrated, allowing internal links to be added to pop-ups and anchors;

  • The Discord icon is now ordered accordingly in the Follow Us Element;

  • When connecting custom domains through the Admin Panel, customers now receive an email notification; 

  • Site caching functionality has been removed from the Site Settings since all websites with custom domains added should have them by default;

  • The Mobile editor now includes iPhone X screen parameters;

  • Optimizations have been carried out for the eCommerce App for improved page load and performance;

  • Additional options have been added to the line height in the Text Editor and the Designer Tools;

  • UI and UX improvements for caching/publishing functionalities, learn more here;

  • The position of the currency symbol is correctly determined for the packages and account plans;

  • WebP support of images now applies to the Text Editor. 

  • The Pages Element has been redesigned on the mobile version of our builder for more comfortable viewing.


For Partners


  • An option to open the Ecommerce App in a new tab has been added for White Label partners;

  • The back button to the White Label admin panel has been added to Account Settings;

  • Countries, weekdays, and months can now be translated for the User Account Element from the Languages App;

  • [Paygo]: In case users do not finalize their subscription by filling in the form, they get the Continue Setup option instead of being directed to their Admin Panel;

  • Accordion Element now allows the addition of custom icons.


Bug Fixes


  • The pop-up of the Calendly Element opens correctly;

  • Opening Burger Menus no longer affects website scroll;

  • The main image of articles is shown in the Preview mode;

  • The target settings of the Title Element URL function without errors;

  • Searching the Single Product Element functions correctly;

  • Parameters of the Video Element placed in pop-ups are displayed correctly;

  • Empty article meta titles are now automatically filled based on the heading;

  • The UI issue of the Customers App when hiding fields has been fixed;

  • The currency changes are now applied to the account immediately;

  • Articles are effectively saved after adding media in the Articles App;

  • Filtering coupons on the Customers App has been fixed;

  • Errors have been corrected while adding tags to Gallery Element images;

  • Users can easily change the language from the Language Switcher Element in case there is an element below;

  • The Mobile Editor displays pages correctly in the case that the header has been set as fixed;

  • Submitting details via the Form Element placed in pop-up functions without errors;

  • The correct logo is shown according to the light/dark theme on the first-run page;

  • Opening the settings of the User Account Element functions correctly in the case that both Sign in and Sign up buttons are turned off;

  • The alignment of off-canvas menu labels has been fixed;

  • The UI issue causing redundant scrolling for the image added to the eCommerce Single Product element has been resolved:

  • [White Label]: Editing coupons shows the correct percent and amount in the Admin Panel;

  • [White Label]: Downloading a logo from the Logo Maker tools functions correctly;

  • [White Label]: The eCommerce page displays the correct icon and title.


It’s been a busy month, and we hope these updates and fixes will make your experience with us more enjoyable. Stay tuned for further updates. 🌟


Ucraft Team

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