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Cloudflare with Ucraft ecommerce problem.


I recently connected my website to Cloudfare so i am able to get an SSL certificate.

when i went to the website, It showed it was secure, but when i go into my shop (i'm using Ecommerce, Pro.) it does not show any products. But, when i go back to the dashboard, they are still there.

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  • Hey there,

    The issue you are experiencing right now is because Cloudflare has issued you an SSL, however Ucraft is not aware of it. Therefor it tries to load your products list over http, which is getting blocked.

    To resolve this issue, please follow this step by step guide:

    1. Go to Cloudflare and from the DNS section turn off the CLOUD icon next to Ucraft records for 20 min

    2. Go to your website’s design mode > Dashboard > Domain app > your domain settings > Settings. You will see the current status of the SSL generation from our side.

    3. Wait a little bit (around 20-30min) until you see the green checkbox in the domain app, which means we have have been able to successfully generate an SSL on our end and now system know that it should load your products over https

    4. Go back to Cloudflare and enable the cloud icons next to Ucraft records. Also in the SSL tab, please make sure the SSL mode is set to FULL (Important).


    Hope this helps!


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