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Controller volume level

Hello, wanted to just point out that it would be really nice to add a turn level volume control to background videos, so visitors could hear @ enjoy more. thanks.馃檪

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  • Hello!

    Thanks for your post. If I understood you correctly you want to play the sound of the background video when it is auto-played!?

    I am afraid this can鈥檛 happen programmatically, since browsers will block the entire video, as playing a sound without user鈥檚 consent (a click or a tap) is a violation.

    Please read this for more info:

    Hope this answers your question!

    Best of luck,

    Gev Balyan

      • Goddeva
      • Goddeva
      • 1 yr ago
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      Gev Balyan Will, if this is true about the google violation. I know alot of Wordpress developers that make templates for wordress and the audio and video plays, Google have no problem with Wordpress here is an example of a wordpress template that uses auto-play audio and video.

    • Goddeva it doesn鈥檛 matter for the browser whether the website is built on Ucraft or on Wordpress.

      Just opened your website and it seems to be broken and doesn鈥檛 play anything.


      here is what I get

  • I dont know what device your on. but when I was on my laptop it worked fine. And, by the way thats not my website its only a demosite my website is hosted here on ucraft lol.

    it is


    the video and audio plays fine on my phone, laptop. But, its ok its not a big deal.

    • Goddeva Hi again! I want to assure that playing a sound together with autoplay is a violation.

      I spent a lot of time on this :)

      • Goddeva
      • Goddeva
      • 1 yr ago
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      Gev Balyan Google have no authority over no one. On my website I do what I want. No one fears Google.

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