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Employee Success Story: from India to Ucraft

Our Full-Stack Developer Gaurav Jain joined Ucraft around six years ago, bringing his extensive experience as a developer to his role at Ucraft. He shares his thoughts on what it's like to work at Ucraft - all the way from India.

Gaurav speaks about the company environment and other critical aspects while also tackling one of the most important questions: What is success, and how to achieve it at Ucraft?

Check out the interview below for a dose of interesting info and motivation. 

Our Ucraft Employee Success Story series is an excellent opportunity for our team members to share their ideas, goals, and experiences at the company and give people outside of Ucraft a glimpse into our team’s inner-workings and corporate culture. 

Today we have Gaurav with us, who has kindly agreed to share his experience working as a full-stack developer at Ucraft for nearly six years. He may be far from us physically, but Gaurav has always been a key player in our team from the very beginning. Let’s dive into his story.

  1. What was your starting point at Ucraft? Can you please tell us more about your current role?
    I joined Ucraft a long time ago, and back then, I joined the Springbuilder project. I could not relocate to Armenia, so it was great that I could work at Ucraft remotely while residing in India. First, I worked with Joomla, then shifted to Laravel and Ember.js, and my role has evolved to Full-Stack Developer. Ucraft has come a long way, and I’m proud to be a part of it. 

    My work experience at Ucraft has been very vibrant, and I never faced any issues when speaking up about any concerns or issues that I had. Work has never been monotonous since I took on many new projects - enabling me to grow and progress with each new position.

  2. Do you remember your best moment at Ucraft? What made it special? 
    I visited Armenia around three years ago, and I must say that those were some of the best days at Ucraft. I have great memories from my trip. I finally met the team in person and was introduced to Armenian culture. The people, the environment, and the hospitality made it unforgettable.

  3. How would you describe the environment at Ucraft outside of Armenia? What direction do you think the company is heading in?
    Since I am stationed in India, I am not physically a part of the team. However, I do feel connected with them. Knowing the people on the other end and remembering how cool and nice they are helps me feel like a part of the family. People at Ucraft are open and friendly, which is why I always recommend the company to any friend or acquaintance looking for a job.

    When I joined Ucraft, we were around 50 people. Over the years, the number has grown to over 170. This speaks of the progress the company has made and the direction it is heading in. I feel secure at Ucraft, knowing that I work at a company that stands on solid ground.

  4. Tell us a fun fact about you - something not many people know.
    I dream/plan a lot - like, I’m going to do this and that, but nothing happens. Not sure why? 
    I also feel very awkward during video calls and often don’t know how to behave or what to do.

  5. How do you define success? What qualities will make a person successful at Ucraft?
    I’d say success is when you achieve what you aimed for and feel satisfied during the process of getting there as well.

If you are determined and clear in your direction, if you know what you want to do and communicate your ideas clearly to your team, you will definitely succeed at Ucraft.

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