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Employee Success Story: Capturing the Russian Market Through Diligent Work

  • updated 2 yrs ago

Our Freelance Copywriter Elena joined Ucraft all the way from Belarus to bring her rich experience and knowledge of the Russian-speaking market to Ucraft. 

Elena shares her thoughts on her journey at Ucraft, the specificities of working with a team remotely, important aspects of the Russian market, and much more. 

Let’s dive in! 

  1. Tell us a bit about your path at Ucraft - how did it start? Why did you choose to join Ucraft?
    I joined Ucraft back in 2017. I like working with progressive digital-oriented companies, and also I remember that I really enjoyed the vibe of people working there. I showed my texts and shared my background, and soon enough, I became the writer for the Russian blog. 
  2. Ucraft is an international company based in Armenia, and you write for the Russian segment. Were there any challenges you had to overcome on your way?
    I feel very comfortable working remotely, but also it was a pleasure to meet everyone in person after two years of writing for Ucraft. I believe that cultural diversity enriches the working environment and allows the company to grow and develop better. 
  3. What is it like to work remotely with a team from a different country?
    It is like taking a trip and learning about the culture from the inside. For example, I can say that Armenians use many more emojis, compliments, and whenever someone calls me “Elena jan,” –  I find it very cute.
  4. What are some specificities of the Russian market? 
    I think the Russian market is very goal-oriented. People like content that serves its purpose, checklists, top-charts, etc. Also, when creating content for the blog, I feel that I’m in a favorable position, as I can combine the experience of both English-speaking and Russian-speaking markets.
  5. We know that you’ve participated in TEDx talks and that you’ve written for Forbes! Can you share your experience with that?
    Giving a TEDx talk was a dream of mine, and it kind of happened naturally. I was invited to fill in the form,  then I went through a few levels of selection, and as a result, I gave a talk about gamification and games I create, which is my passion. The same thing happened with working for Forbes. I was just growing as a professional, and at some point, they invited me to write for them through a recommendation of one of my ex-clients. So I guess, if you just mind your business, do your job correctly, work with passion, some great things may happen to you. 
  6. How do you define success, and how do you measure up to your own definition?
    I think success is to explore and express your potential, enjoy the freedom to choose projects and challenges that inspire you, and move forward out of your free will rather than need or fear. Being surrounded by people who motivate each other, share values and vision is also a blessing. As for me, I try to navigate towards this goal, and I think this approach serves me pretty well.
  7. What’s one professional book that you’d recommend experienced copywriters to read?
    If they are experienced copywriters, I’d instead suggest that they write one. But if being serious, I’d say “Burnout” by Emily & Amelia Nagoski, as I believe we should pay more attention to our mental health. It helped improve my life, so I believe it may be beneficial for them.
  8.  As a close-up, share with us a fun fact about you that nobody knows!
    My friend and I created a Hedonist Club, where we meet weekly, and each member runs a day during which they share things they find enjoyable.
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