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Image Consistency Issue


The images I've uploaded on to my site are sized well and fit how I want them to, only on my screen. When viewing it on another computer, specifically my friend's Mac, the image is in complete different proportions/too enlarged. What can I do to resolve this? 

Haven't started my subscription yet, might that have a hand in it?

Thank you!

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  • Hi,

    Thanks for your topic!

    The fact that you are not on a paid plan, is not the reason the image behaves like that :)

    are you using the image as an image or as a background?

    Right click on image, go to Settings, please. Here you may find the image behaviour settings. See if that helps!



    • Gev Balyan First off, thank you for the quick response! Appreciate that

      It's an image on the image slider, the setting to edit or even for the slider itself don't really affect image ratio.

    • Ayman Razzaque well, that’s a different story! Will check your case and get back to you. Image on image slider 😨 the worst scenario I can imagine 😂

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    • Gev Balyan Haha thank you!

    • Gev Balyan Any luck?

    • Hi Ayman , should be fixed now, plz check and let me know if it is fine on your end.

    • Ashot Vardanyan Hey, thank you for helping! Just checked on my end and same issue is occurring, as well as the image enlargement occurs in the "View Mode" but shows the regular fit in "Edit Mode." Maybe there's a correlation? My portfolio is set, I just need to fix this issue before launching. 

      Thank you guys again 

    • Ayman Razzaque Hi again, maybe I didn't understand the exact issue that you have. I think the best way to resolve this will is to connect directly with our support so we can check you exact problem on your website without sharing any private data in public forum

    • Ashot Vardanyan That sounds good, how should we set that up? Also, here are two pics that show the issue. The first is in Preview Mode and the second in Edit mode; it enlarges to block the footer in preview mode but is clearly seen in edit mode.

    • Ayman Razzaque when you enter your edit mode there is a blue icon in bottom right of you website, click on it at write you problem in the chat and we will fix that ASAP

  • Hi,

    I think we found an issue and already fixed it. Just it's night on our end, we will give hotfix tomorrow :) I will let you know when it's live!

  • Hi Ash,

    thanks for helping with this!

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