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IF YOU DO NOT want this service DO NOT NOT NOT be CONNED..... it IS NOT A free SERVICE. ON DAY 14 MONEY TAKEN FROM MY ACCOUNT. NO REMINDER even though  I was not using and WILL Not be using this service. I repeat MONEY taken for a service I will not be using.... FRAUD FRAUD FRUAD. One full hour on chat box, with no satisfactory outcome. 2 emails and nothing but patronizing ------OOPs you did nt see the small print. Its Day 15 I am still not suing this service yet they pocketed $120 USD...... I m not looking for my money back on something I used and did nt like. I DID and WILL not use this service but Nothing but Patronization............. AVOID. It's a scam .......

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  • You signed up for a free trial, YOU forgot to cancel it, and accusing the company of fraud? Hmmmm? 🤔 

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