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Employee Success Story: From Content Manager to Product Owner

  • updated 2 yrs ago

Our Product Owner Hamlet joined Ucraft around a bit over one year ago. Coming in as a Content Manager, Hamlet shifted to his current position of Product Owner to bring his experience and passion to Ucraft. He shares his thoughts on loving what you do and becoming an irreplaceable member of the Ucraft family.  

He speaks about the company environment, achieving success at Ucraft, and other essential points. Check out the interview here for those mentioned above and more!

  1. Tell us a bit about this change of position during this comparatively short period?
    What can I say? It was love at first sight. On my first working day at Ucraft, I fell in love with Hoory, and it was at that moment I realized this was going to be a long-term relationship. Maybe even for life! I sometimes feel like Hoory’s husband. Jokes aside, I started as a content manager, but I became more focused on how the product works throughout the months. I was keen on learning all the technical and business decisions that were making Hoory possible. I dove deeper into the product and the processes, and there came a point when the higher management saw potential in me, and that is when I continued my journey taking up the role of the product owner. It’s been a year that I have shifted my role, but I have never shifted my focus, which is all about making Hoory the best AI platform in the world. That is my accountability - regardless of the job title.

  2. We know that you’ve been juggling several jobs. What helps you keep the balance?

    Well, juggling is my superpower, but I am strongly convinced that it is never about what we do, rather how we do it. When we handle our duties with the utmost love and focus, throughout the journey, we discover that what we do starts serving us and how we do in life. Whatever I am up to, I am trying to bring all my attention and passion. It actually happens naturally since I only do what I love.

  3. What is your key to motivation? 

    Faith. The never-ending expectation for something magical. Enthusiasm for living. 

  4. What are some of the qualities (professional and personal) that have helped you in your role in Ucraft?

    It’s tough to talk about your own qualities, but I believe that my sense of (sometimes very intense and radical) responsibility is what keeps me going. Also, I love creating positive energy around me. And sometimes, I do it on purpose - to ease up the, in fact, very stressful cycle of product development. 

  5. What color is Ucraft/Hoory for you? How would you describe the environment here?

    Purple. And that is the color of devotion, grandeur, and mystery. For me - environments are all about the people first. The dedication and passion of my co-workers inspire me every day to work hard and excel in my own role. The mystery is all about discovery! I love the fact that at Ucraft/Hoory, I am learning something new each and every day. Sometimes you don’t know what the next day has on the table. But usually, it is something exciting and hard to resist! 

  6. Tell us something about you that not many at Ucraft know!
    Okay, a confession. I am a huge fan of poetry. I majored in literature, and I see the world through texts. Also, I have published books both in English and Armenian. I am currently working on my new novel, which will be published very soon.

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