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Employee Success Story: When Marketing is Your Calling

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Our CMO Ines joined Ucraft over three years ago and brought her experience and passion as a Customer Support Specialist to her role at Ucraft. She shares her thoughts on loving what you do and becoming an irreplaceable member of the Ucraft family. 

She speaks about the company environment, achieving success at Ucraft, and other important points. Check out the interview here for those mentioned above and more!

  1. So, after three years at Ucraft, can you pinpoint the moment you realized you made the right decision to choose to work here?

    The day I joined the support team and realized that I would be working directly with the customers, my expectations towards the job changed entirely. I thought it would be a very technical and boring position, but it proved to be the exact opposite. 

    And what can be better motivation than positive feedback from a customer, paired with a memorable 5 Star rating?

    I began to love working with customers more and more every day: I knew I made the right choice when I started to check my work email inbox more often than my personal one. Regardless of whether it was my shift or not, I used to come to work to ensure that the issues opened during my shift were successfully solved.

    In short, you know you made the right choice when you get chocolates from your users from different countries. :)

  2. Tell us a bit about your current role - how has it evolved, and how do you see it evolving in the future?

    Currently, I hold the position of Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) at Ucraft. Prior to this, I worked as a growth hacker in the same marketing department. During this time, I have learned how to adapt and dream big while staying grounded. I have also learned how to listen to customers (my role as a customer support specialist helped me here) and provide the exceptional service they wanted. These experiences formed the foundation for my leadership style and allowed me to become a more solid person and marketing specialist.

    My willingness to work hard and my passion for learning has helped me grow professionally and opened up new career opportunities. Similarly, we all have a long runway in front of us. Our diligence, abilities, and passion for what we do will lead us to long-term success and career opportunities.

  3. Do you have a specific memorable accomplishment - something you are most proud of that you achieved at Ucraft?
    There is one thing I am most proud of - the number of people I’ve welcomed into my life during a short period of time. These people are role models, good friends, and reliable business partners - all in one! Therefore, I can surely say that my most significant achievement at Ucraft is the UC Family and becoming a member of it. Professional achievements I could have gained anywhere else! :)

  4. How do you define success as a UC marketer? What qualities can make a person successful at Ucraft? 
    Successful marketing involves listening to customers and building the target customer audience based on clear marketing strategies. At Ucraft, we help businesses grow and build brand awareness (and that’s only the beginning). To do that, we need to understand what our users do day-to-day, their problems, and how they currently solve their pain points. What can be more exciting than being able to help while you grow and enjoy that process? That's success for me. 

  5. Tell us one fun fact about your relationship with Ucraft. 

    Since I started my close “relationship” with Ucraft, I go around telling everyone how awesome it is. It sincerely seems to me that everyone NEEDS to have a site with Ucraft. No matter what they do, be it opening a new business, uploading a CV, or selling something, I convince them that they need to turn to Ucraft.

    It’s even become an internal joke among my friends that I probably have a Ucraft tattoo somewhere close to my chest.

  6. What are the three words to describe Ucraft?

    Family, flexibility, and quality music!

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